I had been taking lessons

I had been taking lessons off and on for ages, but after several disappointing lessons with driving schools, I heard about this company.
I had my assessment lesson with David Knowles, and we were booked in for my intensive course.
Despite my negative attitude towards my own abilities, and beating myself up for any minor mistake, David was supportive and encouraging all the way. If you are the type who thinks you cannot do it, David is the type of instructor you need, you cannot help liking the man!
Despite not thinking I had a hope in hell (my opinion, not David’s) I passed first time. I cannot thank him enough for that.
I wasted loads of money on instructors and companies who promise a lot, but deliver little. I implore you to give this firm a try. David probably has grey hair after teaching me, but he got me there first time, and I have no doubt he will do it for you.

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