I just had my successful

I just had my successful driving test with a few minors, for the first try! I always thought that I will never be able to drive because I was really afraid and I always thought it is just too complicated. But I had a baby and I decided to look for a flexible and patient instructor. It was during Covid, I had a newborn so it wasn’t easy to find someone great. For me, the communication part was also important as English is not my first language and I needed someone whom with we can easily understand each other, on every level. For my biggest surprise, I found Alison (actually she found me), who exceeded all my expectations and I could finally stop worrying about everything and just focus actually on how enjoyable driving is. For my (and my family’s) biggest surprise my doubts and fears were completely gone, even after our first lesson! With her help, I could easily learn the basics and then everything. She is patient, flexible, explaining and communicating easily and you can feel that even when she has basically no more time or capacity, her pupils are extremely important for her! I am really thankful to her for teaching me how to be a safe and (not too) cautios driver!:) The lessons was fun and we could always plan ahead, even when we had to reschedule, which was really comforting for me. It was even better that we share our excitement for our other hobbies, so it didn’t feel like a lesson at all!:) I still can’t really believe that I arrived to this point with her help. Nearly after every lesson I told her “I still love driving”, and I am certain that after being on the roads for years, I will still be saying this – next to her clever road mantras, which are extremely helpful:) Thank you Alison for all the great time, talks and laughs, I couldn’t even wished for a better instructor!

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