I had just over a

I had just over a month to learn how to drive an automatic, and for someone who had barely any driving experience, it was scary and intimidating from lesson 1 all the way to my last lesson. However, even if you don’t believe in yourself, your instructor will and will always be truthful with you and will push you to do your best! I honestly thought that with my extreme anxiety over driving I wasn’t going to pass, and no matter how many lessons I had I thought I would never be ready, but turns out all I needed was to trust in myself, keep on telling myself I can do it, and with the mistakes I had to – understand what I done, reflect on it, learn from it, and move on. If you’re like me don’t over think it! Trust yourself and your driver and be safe! I recommend this course to any and everyone and also recommend my instructor Alison as well as Mo for helping me pass 1st time 1 minor.

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