As someone who let driving

As someone who let driving become much more of a mental issue than it ever needed to be I was incredibly nervous when I booked in for my assessment with Pete, (highly recommend doing an assessment by the way), within a few minutes I was relaxed and at ease, chatting to Pete was easy and the information he gives you is always to the point and never more than you can handle. The learning curve is steep, but was always at a manageable pace and Pete’s enthusiasm and easy manner makes you eager to push yourself. The course had a very clear structure and I was never unsure about my own progress and how well I was doing. Criticism was never delivered in a patronising way and every time I made an error it was explained and the solution suggested. For me to be sitting at home with a pass after starting driving seriously just a few days ago is brilliant. I cannot recommend Pete enough, you’ll learn and you’ll have a laugh while you do. Thanks mate.

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