I had 20 hour of driving experience

I had 20 hour of driving experience that I’d done in London about a year ago when I first contacted KIDS about their intensives. After an assessment lesson I’ve been told that I should do a 25-30 hour intensive and I’d be fine. I was very sceptical, because after my initial 20 hours I felt nowhere near competent and confident enough that I’d be able to pass a test with only 25-30 additional hours. I booked a 30 hour intensive with Mike as my driving instructor. Somehow in the process of this intensive I’ve transformed from a neurotic mess that wanted to close their eyes and scream at anything out of the ordinary (or, indeed, quite ordinary) happening on the road into a calm and confident person, who was able to deal with pretty much anything the road could throw at me, including THE driving test, which I passed on my first try. I can’t thank Mike enough. Not only did he teach me everything I needed to pass the test but he also taught me a great deal of ‘driver’s tips and tricks’ that make being on the road as a new driver actually enjoyable and safe for me and others around me.

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